Canopy's Sponsorship of SystemJS

Open-source Software

Canopy is a SaaS product for tax professionals built upon a variety of open-source technology. When a project is open-sourced under a permissive license that means anybody can view, use, modify, and distribute your project for any purpose ( Open-source technology is built and maintained by hundreds and thousands of developers who may each contribute hundreds or even thousands of volunteer hours. While the success of most modern software companies is dependent upon a collection of open-source software, open-source development is often a difficult and thankless task.

Sponsorship of SystemJS

Because Canopy’s success is built upon open-source software, we believe we should also be financially invested in those who maintain it. We are pleased to announce that Canopy will immediately be sponsoring SystemJS for a period of six months with the possibility of further extension. We hope that our financial backing of open-source will encourage other companies to do the same.

What is SystemJS?

SystemJS is a dynamic ECMAScript module loader that allows Canopy to dynamically load code at run-time in the browser. This functionality has allowed Canopy to innovate and build technology that would be difficult to create otherwise. SystemJS allows our code to be loaded in a way that is compliant with the ES module specifications instead of using a non-standard proprietary module format. In addition to providing financial support, we plan to be involved in helping move the project forward in continuing to support the latest browser module loading specifications.

We are Hiring

Canopy is a firm believer in the the power of open-source and community driven development. In addition to financially backing open software, Canopy hosts meet-ups, sponsors local events, and authors a variety of open-source projects. Those projects include: single-spa, sofe, asyncpgsa and others. We are always looking for motivated, passionate, and talented engineers! Checkout our open positions on our careers page.

Bret Little

Canopy software engineer specializing in front-end web technologies.